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Grandstand Tickets is the premier location for all your F1 Tickets. We offer our customers the greatest range of Grand Prix Tickets available.

Whether you want the buzz of the Tifosi at Curva Grande, or the sophistication of Casino Square at Monaco, Grandstand Tickets offers it all.

F1 Tickets
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Grandstand Tickets works directly with the organisers of all Formula One Grand Prix. This means we only sell tickets that are 100% genuine. Working directly also means we can offer the most competitive pricing, with market-leading booking costs and full insurance available. Whether you’re a dedicated F1 fan, or an occasional armchair viewer, Grandstand Tickets has you covered.

We also offer a wide range of hospitality packages. Whether you want the rooftop of the Fairmont, a yacht package in Abu Dhabi, or exclusive hospitality at Silverstone, we can offer you a range of tickets and hospitality to suit your needs.